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Package org.netbeans.modules.cnd.api.model

Interface Summary
CsmBuiltIn Represents bult-in type (int, char, etc)
CsmClass Represents class, struct, enum and union
CsmClassForwardDeclaration Represents class forward declaration
CsmClassifier<T> Common ancestor for both fundamental (built-in) and compound types
CsmCompoundClassifier<T> Common ancestor for compound types - classes and enums
CsmConstructor Represents constructor
CsmDeclaration<T> Common ancestor for all declarations
CsmEnumerator Represents enumerator
CsmFile Represents a source file
CsmFunctionDefinition<T> Represents function definition
CsmIdentifiable<T> intefrace to present object that has unique ID unique ID is used to long-time stored references on Csm Objects
CsmInclude Represents include directive
CsmInheritance Represents inheritance - couple (base class, visibility)
CsmMacro Represents C/C++ macros
CsmModel Source model
CsmModelListener Gets notification on model events for now, project opening and closing
CsmModelStateListener Listener that is notified when the model changes its state
CsmNamedElement An element, which has a name: class, method, namespace, etc
CsmNamespace Represents a "logical" namespace - not a particular namespace declaration, but a join of all namespace declarations, which have thje given name (see interface CsmNamespaceDeclaration)
CsmNamespaceAlias Represents namespace alias, for example namespace CWLN = Company_with_very_long_name;
CsmNamespaceDefinition Represent namespace declaration
CsmObject Common ancestor for the majority of model classes
CsmOffsetable An object, which has correspondent file and a pair of offsets (start and end)
CsmOffsetableDeclaration<T> Just a combination of two - for client convenience
CsmParameter Represents a parameter.
CsmProgressListener Gets notification on parsing events
CsmQualifiedNamedElement An element, which has qualified name: class, method, namespace, etc
CsmScope Represents a scope
CsmScopeElement Element of scope
CsmTemplate Represents function or class template.
CsmTemplateParameter Represent one template parameter
CsmType Represents type Comments about offsetable part and text of type objects: type has start-end around it's classifier part, while return full text, i.e int a[5],b; ^ ^ | | st end for variable a getText() returns "int[5]" for variable b getText() returns "int"
CsmUID<T> intefrace to present unique ID which must be used instead of storing hard reference to Csm Objects for a lont time
CsmUsingDeclaration Represents a using declaration, such as using std::vector
CsmValidable This interface provides a way to obtain validity of the instance of CSM object.
CsmVariable<T> Represents a variable
CsmVariableDefinition Represents static varable definition

Class Summary
CsmChangeEvent Event for model change notifications
CsmModelAccessor utility class to access Csm model
CsmProgressAdapter Stub CsmProgressListener implementation

Enum Summary
CsmModelState Represents the state of the code model.
CsmVisibility Typesafe enumeration - represents member / inheritance visibility some utilities methods are in org.netbeans.modules.cnd.api.model.util.CsmInheritanceUtilities

org.netbeans.modules.cnd.api.model/1 1.3 1

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